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Transforming Theatre Ensemble

Transforming Theatre Ensemble (TTE) uses theatrical sketches to provide an interactive learning experience that engages faculty, staff, student and community audiences in collaborative problem-solving. Using a variety of theatrical formats followed by interactive discussions led by a skilled facilitator, TTE encourages reflection and analysis of problematic attitudes and behaviors, as a step toward transformation.

TTE performances teach audiences to:

  • articulate the benefit of diversity and inclusion at MSU
  • recognize biased behaviors, attitudes, and communication, whether they are overt, covert, implicit or unconscious
  • identify practices that are exclusive and tactics for making them inclusive
  • act as an agent of change in creating a more inclusive campus culture

Sample Themes

A few of the themes TTE addresses include:

  • discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • gender roles
  • workplace conduct
  • mentoring across differences
  • giving productive feedback
  • cultural competence in healthcare
  • bias in university processes, such as undergraduate advising, hiring, mentoring and the tenure process
  • getting the most out of your study abroad experience

Request a Performance

TTE performances can be arranged as independent programs or as part of a workshop, institute, or retreat. To schedule a consultation, contact the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives at 517-353-4563.

TTE is based on Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed.