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President’s Advisory Committee on Disability Issues

Michigan State University's commitment to institutional accessibility and diversity, and to the principle that all people matter, guides ongoing efforts to make the university community one that welcomes the contributions of all its members, including persons with disabilities.

The President's Advisory Committee on Disability Issues was established in 1987 to ensure broad institutional input on matters relating to persons with disabilities of all characteristics at MSU. According to its bylaws, the committee is responsible for advising the president on university policies, programs, and procedures affecting persons with disabilities in the university community.


Voting Members:

  • Sheila Bryant, Tenured Faculty (Chair)
  • Cynthia Okolo, Tenured Faculty
  • Charles Owen, Tenured Faculty
  • Janice Schwartz, Non-Tenured Faculty
  • Zoe McLaughlin, Specialist/Librarian
  • Stephen Stofflet, Support Staff
  • Darlinda Smith-Van Buren, Support Staff
  • Jeanne Holladay, Support Staff
  • Piotr Pasik, COGS
  • Kelsie Luokkala, ASMSU (Vice Chair)
  • Laura Ford, Students-at-Large
  • Matthew Miller, Students-at-Large
  • Emma Mushaka, Students-at-Large

Non-Voting Members (Ex-Officio)

  • Aislinn Sapp, Office of Institutional Equity, ADA Coordinator
  • Paulette Granberry Russell, Office for Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives
  • Kathie Elliott, Human Resources
  • Greg Ianni, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Diane Barker, Office of the Vice President for Auxiliary Services
  • John LeFevre, IPF, Engineering Services
  • Kristin Pennock, IPF, Engineering Services
  • Michael Hudson, Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities
  • John Pedraza, Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities
  • Barbara Kranz, Facilities Planning & Space Management
  • Graham Pierce, Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting
  • Sarah Swierenga, Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting
  • Nate Evans, IT Services Academic Information Technology 

PACDI Bylaws

The President's Advisory Committee on Disability Issues bylaws detail the committee's purpose and charge.

Read the PACDI bylaws.

Barrier Free Access Statement

Read the Barrier Free Access Statement.

Not on the Radar: Sexual Assault of College Students with Disabilities (January 30, 2018)

Read the National Council on Disability Report

Announcing the 2018-19 Samaritan Scholars

Congratulations to the 3 PACDI members who earned scholarships this year. Emma Mushaka, Kelsie Luokkala and Matthew Miller—a testament to their academic and community leadership, according to the director of the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, Michael, Hudson.

The Samaritan Scholar Award was established by MSU alumni Jim and Judy DeLapa. The Samaritan Foundation has generously assisted students for more than two decades. In 2003, the Foundation began offering scholarships through the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, providing educational support to sophomores, juniors and seniors with disabilities, and distinguishing itself by offering the first scholarship for MSU undergraduate students with disabilities. Michael Hudson went on to say that “Our endowment sponsors actually helped us raise scholarship amounts to $4,000 this year so definitely a helpful boost and investment from Spartan alumni Jim, Judy and other family and friends.”

Samaritan Scholar Award Winner Emma Mushaka
Emma Mushaka
Samaritan Scholar Award Winner Kelsie Luokkala
Kelsie Luokkala
Samaritan Scholar Award Winner Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller