Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration

39th Annual Celebration at MSU - January 16 - 25, 2019

This website serves to outline all activities and events occurring at MSU including:

  • Jazz concerts 
  • Student Leadership Conference
  • Learn Before You Speak: An Interactive Service Event
  • Movie screenings of "The Hate U Give"
  • Commemorative March for Justice
  • MSU Museum Social Justice Exhibits
  • MLK Community Dinner
  • Social Justice Art Festival
  • Social Determinants of Health: A Call to Action
  • "An Ode to Dr. King" Spoken Word Contest and Keynote
  • ElevateU Resources on Race, Bias, Diversity, Equity
If you have additional suggestions and thoughts regarding activities planned, we invite you to submit them through MSU Ideas here: https://msu.crowdicity.com/category/31061

2019 Theme:  "Free Speech: Constitutional Right vs. Respectful Discourse"

"Curtailment of free speech is rationalized on grounds that a more compelling American tradition forbids criticism of the government when the nation is at war. Nothing can be more destructive of our fundamental democratic traditions than the vicious effort to silence dissenters."  --Martin Luther King, Jr.

Events Flyer-Updated January 17