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Religious Observance and Holiday Etiquette

Michigan State University has long had a policy recognizing that many individuals observe religious holidays associated with their particular faiths. As our campus and community becomes increasingly multicultural, faculty may experience an increase in the number of requests for academic accommodations related to absence for the observance of religious holidays. The faculty and staff should be sensitive to the observance of these holidays so that students who absent themselves from class on these days are not seriously disadvantaged. The Religious Observance Policy permits students and faculty/academic staff to observe those holidays set aside by their chosen religious faith.

As we seek to increase our understanding of the shifting religious landscape of our campus, the Religious Holidays and Celebrations Calendar is offered as a resource to the MSU community to increase our knowledge of religious traditions and to facilitate thoughtful planning of our schedules and activities.

The calendar is not an exhaustive list either of religious traditions or of the holidays observed in those traditions. It attempts to list the holidays that may be observed by members of our community. You may also want to check the many websites on religious holidays that are available online.

Support Staff Policy & Procedure for Observance of Religious Holidays

Culinary Services

Religious Observances in the Residence Halls

Kosher options as well as accommodations for the religious observances of Ramadan and Passover that occur annually are provided by the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services. To guide students through the options available given their particular dietary restrictions during these times can be obtained at various convenient locations. Culinary Services will meet with individual students to help them meet their dietary needs during their religious observances. Take Home items are available at retail outlets which will allow students to meet their dietary needs at their leisure based on personal schedules. Students living in the residence halls should directly contact the Complex Dining Services Manager where they live for assistance and accommodations.

Residential Dining Neighborhood Managers

Paul Gadola, West Circle (Landon, Yakeley, Mayo Gilchrest), 102 Mayo Hall,

Don Donagrandi, South (Case, Wonders, Wilson, Holden), N41 Wonders,

Mike Gardner, River Trail (Riverwalk Market at Owen, Shaw), 115 W. Shaw,

Michelle Keller, Mason/Abbot, The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips, W148 Phillips Hall,

Robbia Pipper, Brody Square, (Rather, Armstrong, Bryan, Emmons, Bailey, Butterfield) A112 Butterfield,

Lary Tarnowski, East (Holmes, McDonel, Akers, Hubbard) C205 McDonel Hall,

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