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The purpose of the Student Leadership Conference is to develop the leadership potential of current students, to provide a platform to elevate student voices, to demonstrate the value of diaglogue across difference, & to facilitate the building of inclusive communities.

The conference goals are:

  1. To inspire students to seek or accept leadership responsibilities as part of their contribution to society.
  2. To increase awareness of current and emerging leadership challenges.
  3. To develop a network of students to support future collaboration among these emerging leaders.

The conference will help students to develop their leadership abilities through opportunities to see and hear inspirational leaders discuss issues that are relevant to communities that promote equity and social justice; participate as presenters on important social, environmental and political topics; learn from the examples of students leading other students in small-group discussions; learn how to effectively engage in difficult dialogue across different cultures, and develop cultural intelligence.

Students will be better prepared to take on leadership roles and learn from their experience as leaders and followers on their campuses and in their local, national and global communities.  

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