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Going Forward with Courageous and Honest Dialogues

Paulette Granberry Russell

The election for the next U.S. President is now concluded.  It revealed social divisions, around race, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities, religion, and national origin that led too often to negative discourse.  Some of this discourse was very public, and will impact how we engage with each other, if the divisions are not addressed with courage and honesty.

Over the next days and weeks ahead, let us display respect across lines of disagreement, let us engage in dialogues that are honest and lead to the realization that what we share in common is greater than our differences. The Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (I3) values civil discourse, and the right of individuals to express their views even when we fundamentally disagree with one another.  We learn from each other where disagreements can be discussed openly and courteously, and where we take the time to listen and learn beyond our own beliefs and preconceptions. 

Our work within I3 centers on actively promoting and advancing an inclusive campus community and we cannot do this work alone. 

Paulette Granberry Russell

Senior Advisor to the President and Director
Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives

Update:  November 11, 2016

This is OUR MSU

To tell fellow Spartans to “Go back home”, to tell them he will build the wall around it, is not okay. It is wrong, it is hurtful, it does not reflect who we are. It is not our MSU.

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