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Campus Resources

Michigan State University offers a variety of support to its students, faculty, and staff. A few of them are listed below and can be contacted directly for more information. 

  • The Family Resource Center provides support to members of MSU’s diverse community as they balance their responsibilities of work and family.
  • The Mosaic The Multural Unity Center hosts programs throughout the school year, from academically-oriented presentations to student group meetings and informal social receptions to which everyone is welcome to attend.

Academic Resources

MSU aims to support the inclusive community for students as they explore their intellectual potential. The Academic Resources links found through the attached document are university programs and services designed to promote academic success, enrich student lives and further prepare them to contribute to the diverse society we live in.

  • Academic Programs and Specializations — There are a wide variety of programs and areas of study that contribute to the diverse academic atmosphere at MSU. The Academic Programs and Specializations links indicate a sampling of the breadth and depth of opportunities available to students which promote the study, and often the intersections, of culture, geography, language, gender, religion, and ability.
  • Institutes and Centers — The university is committed to promoting research and best practices on issues of cultural diversity, equity, and access. The Institutes and Centers links provide examples of the variety of centers and institutes found on campus to support this purpose through research, professional and organizational consulting services, outreach programs and events, and information networks.

Support Resources

Diversity is an essential condition for excellence in higher education, and MSU strives to be responsive to the changing global environment reflected on our campus. We promote an appreciation for diversity among our students, faculty and staff, and encourage an attitude that celebrates it. The Support Resources links are a sample of the many services, centers and organizations available to support diversity and inclusion for the university community.

  • Support Services — The programs, offices and organizations found in the links provide rich resources and campus programming in order to realize the institution’s vision of diversity for students, faculty and staff.
  • Library and Museum Resources — The Library and Museum Resources links are examples of the range of diverse resources available to campus community members for research, enrichment and learning.

Student Resources

MSU strives to enrich the lives of all students through quality out-of-class learning and programming designed to encourage and maintain a balanced approach to life as well as an appreciation for diversity. The Student Resources links are an indication of resources available for students to support this mission.

  • Student Organizations — The varied student organizations at MSU open the door to new friends and new experiences; the highlighted groups found in the Student Organizations link also work towards raising cultural and social awareness, contributing to MSU’s purpose of diversity and inclusion.
  • Academic Support — There is a range of academic and other support services available to the MSU communities which are as diverse as its students. To support the broad range of interests and needs of the student population, various departments and offices offer career and academic advising services found in the Advising links.
  • Residential Colleges and Academic Living/Learning CommunitiesMSU’s residential colleges and programs are unique living and learning experiences that allow students from diverse backgrounds who share similar academic interests to live and study together in designated residence halls or on particular residence hall floors, while also enjoying all the academic and cultural resources of a world-class university. Please find more information on these unique opportunities through the residential colleges and academic living-learning communities links that are provided.
  • Precollege ProgramsMSU offers programs for children and youths, including study abroad opportunities, that encompass agriculture, animal care, art, drama, music, business, college preparation, computers and technology, engineering, the environment, leadership skills, math and science, social studies, sports and fitness, and writing and language.