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Welcome to the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives Web site. We serve as an institutional focal point for promoting inclusion and diversity at Michigan State University. In addition to providing leadership and support for university-wide initiatives on inclusive excellence, a staff of experts work diligently to facilitate and support a campus environment that provides students, faculty, and staff with opportunities for excellence.

What We Do Makes A Difference

The mission of the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (I-3) is to INFUSE MSU’s core value of INCLUSIVITY into the MSU campus.

What We Believe

Advancing not only diversity — but also inclusion—requires commitment, leadership and the participation of the entire campus community. DIVERSITY is defined as the state or quality of being different and as individuals we are all uniquely different. To be an INCLUSIVE campus is to RESPECT and VALUE differences and to encourage and create opportunities to capitalize on those differences. A truly inclusive institution benefits all, both educationally and professionally, at MSU and beyond.

What We Do

We lead and support change in big ways and we work in small ways as well. We encourage moving outside of one’s comfort zone because we believe that is where real change occurs. In order to further the core values of inclusion, we challenge people to THINK DIFFERENTLY about their work, about each other, and about their role in our global community.  This work requires INNOVATIVE methods and expertise to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global society. Office for Inclusion’s work is not only embedded in the foundational elements of equal opportunity, affirmative action and nondiscrimination, but more broadly leads and supports efforts encouraging an even more inclusive campus  community.